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Innovate around your legacy system!

5 min read. In this day and age agile software development is the norm. No longer do we spend months on a complete specification before we start to write code. Today we know that we don’t plan a really good solution we discover it by working in iterations, by trying and failing and trying again. When I say failing I mean failing to achieve the desired result. I am not talking about crashes in production, even though those can happen. Read more...

JSON Web Tokens for people in a hurry

4 min read. JSON Web Tokens (JWT) is a compact and self-contained way of securely sending information as a JSON object. The JSON object is digitally signed either with a secret (HMAC) or public/private key pair (RSA). JWT is an open standard (RFC7519) The JSON object is structured into a header, a payload and a signature. (header.payload.signature) Header = Type & Algorithm Payload = Claims (reserved, public & private) Read more...

An environment for experimenting with sharding and replication in MongoDB

4 min read. When I am learning something new I like to get practical. Reading about something only takes me so far, at a certain point I need to DO something with it. I need to see it in action. hello world !== hello world Not too long ago I wanted to play around with replication and sharding in MongoDB. I began reading docs, then I read some more docs and after a while things went from exciting and interesting to kind of boring. Read more...
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